Staff Spotlight: Herminia Cervantes

July 5, 2019

 We are so proud of our former Child Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator, Herminia Cervantes, who has recently transitioned to MCRCC therapist intern! Below, read more about Herminia and her journey from Advocate to Clinical Staff.


How did you become a part of  MCRCC?

“I had recently graduated from CSUMB with a BA in Human Communications and was casually looking for employment. Then one afternoon my dad approached me and said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING with your time? Why don't you become a volunteer somewhere?” So later that day, I went on FB and saw an ad that MCRCC was looking for advocates for fall advocate training in 2014. I then called the Salinas office; Martamaria answered and that was it!


What was your first role in the agency?

Admin assistant/Outreach Coordinator



Going to the community events, got to learn about different community resources, network and create partnerships. Also help promote MCRCC services to South County, especially to agriculture companies and packing companies.


Next role:

Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator



Working with the little ones - 1st & 3rd graders, because at that age they see the world in a different view than adults. They are happy and they are developing their own personalities. I also liked that many kids learned to trust me, and confide that they were being abused or had troubles at home like domestic violence. I was able to connect them with counselors or other appropriate services. 


What has been the most rewarding part of your time here at MCRCC?

-I liked when we expanded our services. Before the expansion of the CHAT grant, MCRCC would only be able to see kiddos that were 12 and up. (Now we work with younger children.)

-Also, I was able to facilitate a CPS report which led to a child receiving services and appropriate care, that also led to an investigation and a conviction. The best part of that was seeing how each piece was important and came together like a puzzle to help the survivor. 


Now that you have achieved your MSW, and accepted a full time therapist position at MCRCC, how are you feeling?

I feel happy, nervous, excited to work with clients but I also understand the magnitude that my role may have in a survivor’s healing process. Also a bit of shock that I have free time!


Any other future goals? Aspirations?

I want to achieve licensure which means I would become an LCSW. I would love to travel more. I plan to spend more quality time with my parents, brother, fiance and friends. Finally have the time to plan my wedding!


How do you manage everything? Self-care?

Having the support of classmates, they understood the workload and commitment to be a full-time student and employee. Family, friends, and coworkers were really supportive. I also try to travel. I volunteer for the Dream Academy because it is a chance to give back to my community and work with kids in a similar situation or background that I had. 


What is one piece of advice you would share with someone who is just starting out in their career or education?
Never stop growing or achieving. Do not settle. It's okay to be uncomfortable when you are growing because it is a strength to keep evolving as a professional but most importantly, as a person.