Written by Amber Wasson, MCRCC Client Services Manager

Self-care is when you actively and deliberately do something to take care of your own mental, emotional and physical health.  It doesn’t mean you squeeze something in but that you take the time to slow down, enjoy and find some calm or clarity in it. It is not selfish nor should it be considered indulgent.  It is necessary in order to live a happy and healthy life.

It does not need to be complicated and looks different for everyone.  Maybe self-care for you is a walk on the beach, going to the gym, creating something, a hot bath or enjoying a 5-course meal.  The point is to stop, take some time and do something for you.

Most everyone leads busy lives and it is easy to put ourselves on the back burner with the thought that we will do something later.  The next thing we know, it’s been weeks or months (years?) and we’re running on empty. I’ve been guilty of this and have to make a conscious effort to make time for me.  I, like many, am often pulled in multiple directions. Sometimes I have to say no to requests. That is not selfish; it is making myself a priority. I recognize my limitations and when I need to practice self-care.  That old saying is true, you cannot take care of others if you do not first take care of yourself.

One of the first and hardest changes I made was to take my full lunch break, not to run errands or complete personal tasks but to take a mental break.  When I allow myself this break, I feel more focused, efficient and accomplished throughout my day.

So, I encourage you to make yourself a priority.  Require yourself to practice good self-care. Schedule the time, if needed.  I believe you will notice an improvement in your daily life. I know I have.