Volunteer with us!

Our volunteers - or, as we prefer to call them, Advocates - complete a 47-hour training to become certified Sexual Assault Counselors. They answer crisis line calls, provide in-person advocacy at forensic medical exams, volunteer at our events, and more. We asked our Advocates what they had to say about volunteering with MCRCC:

"One unanticipated aspect about being a volunteer Advocate at MCRCC is the power of listening. I once took a crisis line call with a survivor who mentioned to me how wonderful it felt to just speak to someone about it and how incredibly grateful they were that I would simply listen. The power of listening is arguably the greatest virtue." - Rebecca Sher, MCRCC Advocate

"I chose to volunteer at MCRCC because I had heard about the opportunity on the radio and had been interested in becoming an advocate. I was very interested in attending the training program. It's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I enjoy our monthly meetings and the trainings, as well as the friends I've made among the other advocates and staff. I feel very privileged to be able to assist in such a worthwhile and important venture. I'm looking forward to the new mentoring program. It's going to help our new Advocates feel comfortable and confident right from the start. I love MCRCC!" - Sheryl Embler, MCRCC Advocate

"I wanted to start volunteering because I saw that there was a large need for survivor support, especially in the U.S. I wanted to help directly in supporting survivors and making sure that they knew that someone was always there for support in what is often a challenging time. I am so thankful to now be a part of the MCRCC Rape Prevention Education program that gives young people the skills they need to intervene when they witness sexual violence. Being an advocate challenges you to intervene wherever you see violence, whether that is with strangers, acquaintances, loved ones, or yourself." - Kayla Marshall, MCRCC Interim Prevention Educator and former Advocate

To learn more, or to apply for the next volunteer training, click here to visit our Volunteering page.