24 HOUR HELPLINE: (831) 375-4357 • (831) 424-4357

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), and the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) have collaborated to provide on-campus and confidential support for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Campus Advocate can assist in accessing academic support following an assault, information about the Title IX and criminal justice processes, emergency financial aid support, no-contact orders issued to perpetrators and more.

All services provided by the Campus Advocate are confidential and available regardless of whether a survivor chooses to file a report or not. No student should face academic difficulties because an assault occurred.

MCRCC has a campus advocate to help CSUMB students, staff, and faculty. Call 831-402-9477 or email campusadvocate@csumb.edu. Learn more at: csumb.edu/campusadvocate

All other college campuses please call 831-373-3955 or 831-771-0411 for more information.