Leadership Change at MCRCC

posted on November 25, 2020

Clare Mounteer, Executive Director 


I have some news to share.

After almost 34 years, I am planning to retire as Executive Director at the end of the year.

Over the years people have sometimes asked me how I could work so long at an agency that deals with the subject of sexual violence.  “It must be so depressing...traumatic...uncomfortable...” they say. While there are certainly days that are challenging, the word that mostly comes to my mind is - inspiring. 

I am truly inspired daily by the commitment and dedication of the staff; the willingness of board members to help guide the agency and volunteer their time to raise funds for the cause; the enthusiasm and compassion of a seemingly never ending parade of volunteer advocates who undergo extensive training to provide support and advocacy; and, of course, the courage and strength of survivors who seek assistance from the center. They deserve nothing less than the best service we can provide to help them in their recovery. 

I’ve loved hearing about the youth in our prevention programs. They don’t shy away from the topic and are eager to learn how to do their part to end sexual violence in their own communities.

I’m grateful for the generosity of our individual donors and of the private foundations who support so many nonprofit agencies in Monterey County. They share the belief that survivors deserve better, and that it is possible to create caring, safe and healthy communities that we all want to live in.

It’s been quite a journey; the very best part has been working with some truly extraordinary and wonderful people. I am sad not to have seen as much of them in 2020, and yet hopeful for the future.

To that end, the Board of Directors has named Lauren DaSilva as Executive Director effective 1/1/21. After working with Lauren, who has served as Deputy Director, for the past seven years, I am confident in her ability to lead the staff and continue to expand the center’s services.

We have opened recruitment for the position of Deputy Director. The announcement may be found here - please share.

I deeply appreciate YOUR support of the center and its services. I hope you will continue that support for years to come.

Clare Mounteer